Your rights at Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital

Do you know that you have rights here at our hospital? In our work we apply the UN:s convention on the rights of the child, also called the Child convention. We think that it is important that you and your family know about your rights so that your visit here will be as good as possible for you.

The Child convention has 54 articles and 4 of them are extra important. They are articles 2, 3, 6 and 12. But what do they mean here at Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital?

Article 2: All children have the same rights and equal value.
Here at the hospital this means that you have the same right as anyone else to get help when you are ill.

Article 3: The best interest of the child should be considered in all decisions that concern children.
You are the most important person when you receive care in our hospital. Everything we do should be in your best interest and make you feel as good as possible.

Article 6: All children have the right to life and development.
When you are at the hospital you have the right to develop, play and learn like other children your age.

Article 12: All children have the right to express their opinion and have it respected.
You always have the right to understand what the staff are saying and what is going to happen at the hospital. We want to hear what you are thinking because you are the one whom we are going to help.

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Children’s rights advisers
Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital has many children’s rights advisers who work to protect the perspective and participation of children and young people in outpatient departments and wards. The children’s rights advisers are responsible for making sure the rights of children and young people are respected.