• 1/8
    Elvira kommer till avdelningen
    Emelie who is a nurse has come to pick up Elvira and her father David from the emergency department. Elvira is sick and she is going to stay the night at the hospital.
  • 2/8
    Inne på rummet
    Emelie and assistant nurse Sussie talk to Elvira and her father about what will happen while they are in the ward. They show them that there is an extra bed so that Elvira’s father can stay the night too.
  • 3/8
    Välja film
    Sussie shows them that there is a cupboard with films in the ward. Elvira can borrow a few of them into her room.
  • 4/8
    It is time for Elvira to go to bed. Elvira’s father will be sleeping next to her.
  • 5/8
    Sover gott
    Elvira is sleeping with her cuddly toy in her arms.
  • 6/8
    Åsa mäter blodtryck
    Åsa who is a nurse comes in during the night and measures Elvira’s blood pressure. Read more about measuring blood pressure.
  • 7/8
    Alejandra lyssnar på hjärtat
    In the morning Alejandra who is a doctor comes in to listen to Elvira’s heart and lungs with a stethoscope. She says that Elvira can go home today.
  • 8/8
    På väg hem
    Elvira and her father go home.

Stay the night